Celebrating Over 60 Years of Building Homes to Live Your Dreams

We know that buying a new home is among the most important decisions you will ever make. Home is where memories are created and life is celebrated. The company that builds your home sets the foundation for your future and for more than six decades, our experience, leadership and dedication to each and every buyer have been unmatched. As William Lyon Homes celebrates over 60 years of it's unwavering commitment to delivering new neighborhoods for families just like yours.

Your Happiness is Our Goal

We strive to “make our customers smile all the way home.” Outstanding customer service is the touchstone of our success, an achievement marked by prestigious Eliant Homebuyers' Choice Awards and other honors. For 27 years, Eliant has been evaluating homebuyers’ satisfaction with hundreds of top-ranked companies,” said Robert Mirman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eliant. “Since their customer approval scores are among the highest in the nation, William Lyon has earned the right to declare itself one of America’s best homebuilders.”

General William Lyon, Chairman Emeritus
William H. Lyon,  Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
William Lyon Homes Executive Team
Colin T. Severn
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Matthew R. Zaist
President and Chief Executive Officer
Brian W. Doyle
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Strong Leadership Makes the Difference

We deliver on our promise to build well-priced, quality neighborhoods where families can achieve the American Dream of homeownership. And it all begins with leadership. Under the stewardship of our namesake, General William Lyon, Chairman Emeritus and a member of the California Building Industry Foundation Hall of Fame, the company is led by the best in the business — a team of seasoned professionals whose knowledge, vision and authority continue to inspire confidence and loyalty from one generation to the next. William H. Lyon, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, brings his leadership and highly-respected expertise to the many facets of real estate development and corporate strategy; Matthew R. Zaist, President and Chief Executive Officer, is distinguished by years of success and leadership in the specialized fields of finance, land acquisition and product development. Colin T. Severn, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, offers a wealth of experience in real estate accounting and corporate finance. Brian W. Doyle, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, offers extensive building industry experience combined with strong leadership overseeing company operations.